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Tradeflow is specialized in the securities trading sector on electronic trading, Direct Market Access (DMA), automatic trading, and integrations issues. All with base in the EU directives, MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) and UCITS IV. 

The current work on updating to the MiFID directive is impacting the securities trading sector with new regulations for automated trading, fixed income, OTC derivatives and more.

The company offers consultancy services on a project basis in regards to strategic advice, business development, market studies, and project management within the EU.

With the introduction of MiFID the business drivers has made FIX an even more important part of the industry. Areas such as MTF’s, Systematic Internalization, Best Execution and Execution Policies will rely heavily on the on-going evolution of FIX.

Tradeflow AB is as a member of the FPL proactively involved in the continued work with the FIX Protocol as well as with the new compression method for market data, FAST.



Strategic Advice

Market analysis

Business Development

Project Management

Training / Seminars


Business process

Execution Policy

Multi Lateral Trading Facilities

Best Execution

Customer classifications
Trade reporting (TRS)

Systematic Internalization

Areas of Expertise

Automated trading

High Frequency Trading (HFT)
Work flow solutions (STP)

Order management

Direct Market Access

Order routing solutions

Settlement/Clearing processes

(Updated 2016-04-22)


Tradeflow AB

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